How to Study (Even With Your Tight Schedule), Part 3: Scheduling Study Time

Posted by ann on January 11, 2012 at 4:45 PM

Welcome back, fellow schoolie.


In Part 2, we discussed knowing what to study, and kicked off Part 1 with prayer


If you’ve come this far, then you’re serious about succeeding in your academic studies, because we discuss one of the toughest obstacles in this article - making time to study.




3 Ways to Know When


You usually get away with “I’ve got no time” for most extraneous activities in your life.


Can’t use that excuse for this, though – the test draws closer with every day you pass up.  


And the number of questions on it isn’t decreasing.


Now that we’ve faced that truth, here are three ways to carve some study time into your schedule.


1)   Be an early bird.  Even if you’re not a morning person, if you’re serious about succeeding you’ll have to make some lifestyle changes to accomplish the goal. 


Set your alarm to get up an hour or two earlier than you normally would (or an hour or two before your kids/grandkids wake up). This will allow you to have uninterrupted quiet time with God (Prov. 8:17), and some study time.


2)   Be a night owl.  If the morning is too great a challenge for you, add your study time to the back end of the day.


It may be less stressful to study after everyone else has gone to sleep and before your nightly prayer.  


3)   Clean house. If your quiz happens post-weekend and your residence has more inhabitants than just you, use those two days to your advantage.


If you can afford to do this or have relatives or friends that can help you, plan a two- or three-hour excursion for the other residents in your space (i.e. a park picnic or barbeque, a house/viewing party, a movie outing, etc.).


Their absence will provide the solitude you need to study.


Or flip it. If you can’t get rid of them, remove yourself for those few hours and go someplace quiet like a public park, a library or bookstore, or even your vehicle (if you have one).


Bonus location tip: Skip the cafe.  Notice the location examples I gave above are free?


While it’s a popular spot, a cafe may prove problematic if you’re studying.


Obvious ambient noise aside, there’s the nasal distraction of fresh brewed coffees and teas.


These scents will tempt you to buy something, which presents another problem if you can’t afford them.


Don’t forget visual distractions. If you’re a people watcher like me, forget it – your peripheral vision will eat up all your time because you’ll want to glance around every few minutes.


And then there’s the snack rack. That evil little thing will also tempt you to spend money you don’t have.


I say again: skip the cafe.



Get Moving.


Now that we’ve given you these basic tips, you can’t really say you don’t have time anymore. That test is coming soon, and you need to blow it out of the water.


It’s not unattainable.


Pad the front end or back end of your day to make it happen; and on weekends, either remove everybody else or yourself for a few hours to get some studying in.


Remember I told you there are 168 hours in a week? Time is the great equalizer because we’re all allotted the same amount.


No more excuses, baby. They only waste time anyway.

Your Thoughts?

Which approach from these three do you use? Have any scheduling tips to add? Let us know in a comment below.

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Photo by Vera Kratochvil.

This article was written by contributing freelance writer Mellissa Thomas.


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Reply Rosalee Thomas
11:09 AM on January 13, 2012 
Study at the end of the day always worked for me. It didn't deny the kids' time; after all, everyone is asleep by 9:00pm. You have the house to yourself.

Another tip: ensure your kids' study time is never compromised. If you have smart kids they can help you with your work too; so use all your resources. Just do it! No excuse!
Reply Mellissa Thomas
11:12 AM on January 13, 2012 
Great tip, Rosalee! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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